We are a company who provides energoeffective full service house and building management!.

“House Manager” has obtained approval from the Ministry of Economy of the right of property management services market. The company employs only highly professional staff who are trained real estate management.

House Manager is not only able to offer competitive management fees, but also can help reduce the rest of the maintenance costs.

“House Manager” offers all the necessary documents ready for the European structural funds for building energy-efficiency measures, including:

  • apartment building apartment owners’ meetings and informational meetings management;
  • minutes of meetings and preparation of an agency contract;
  • buildings carrying out energy audits;
  • Technical inspection of the building;
  • Preparation of estimates of construction costs;
  • building renovation project / Preparing pledge cards;
  • documents necessary for reconciliation with the bank;
  • project application dossier preparation, submission and coordination of LIDA (Latvian Investment and Development Agency)
  • Selection of construction firms;
  • supervision and construction supervision;
  • building control;
  • professional project supervision.

This project resulted in a population derived renovated homes with low energy consumption, as well as after the payback period – significantly reduced the cost of housing.