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In order to inform the apartment owners, operators and construction merchant of quality renovation projects in the Ministry of Economy has established videokanālu “Live Warmer” video-sharing website www.youtube.com – www.youtube.com / insulation.

Currently videokanālā “live in a warmer” compiled by the Ministry of videolekciju records of recent seminars and conferences organized for the preparation of the draft submission of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency for ERDF co-financing, building high quality refurbishment process performance, as well as answers to frequently asked questions in seminars.

Videokanāls will continue to be regularly updated with new videos. In the near future it is planned to publish the answers to questions about home renovation process, the organization of the ERDF activity “Apartment House Improvement of Heat” program. The information will provide the Latvian Investment and Development Agency and the Ministry of Economy. Similarly, the response to emerging issues will also banking and insurance sectors, as well as inform the quality of renovation work carried out, for example, the proper window assembly, envelope insulation, heating and ventilation system renovation.

To further prepare the answers to other questions of interest, the Ministry of Economy is invited to send queries on the renovation of the e-mail dzivosiltak@em.gov.lv, the answer in the shortest possible time.

By June 27, 2012 ERDF activity “Apartment House Improvement of Heat” program has been submitted 981 project application and the ERDF amounts to 58.3 million. lats. Latvian Investment and Development Agency has signed 483 contracts and the related European Union co-financing these projects, 28, 45 million. lats. There are currently 101 completed the project. Support the renovation of apartment houses currently available in approximately 11 million.

As is known, the ERDF activity “Apartment House Improvement of Heat” is to increase the energy efficiency of apartment houses to provide housing sustainability and energy efficiency. Activities for the implementation of funding is 47 759 948 lats.

Additional information is available on the activity of the Latvian Investment and Development Agency website and the Ministry of Economy website. News about home renovation can also follow on twitter – twitter.com / insulation.