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The obligations

Residential house management includes:

  • management activities must be carried out;
  • other management activities.

Measurements of the management activities include:

1. Maintenance of residential buildings (physical retention) (hereinafter – maintenance) in accordance with statutory requirements:

  • houses sanitary care,
  • heating, cold water and sanitation, and municipal waste disposal,
  • residential buildings, the existing equipment and communication inspection, maintenance and running repairs,
  • dwelling house subject to the requirement stipulated in the environmental enforcement,
  • residential buildings for energy efficiency set a minimum requirement of,
  • provision;

2. Managing the planning, organization and supervision, including:

  • management work plan, including the maintenance plan, preparation,
  • the draft budget preparation,
  • financial accounting of the organization;

3. Residential house property (hereinafter – the home thing) carriage;

4. Contract attached to the land use contracts with land owners;

5. Information to state and local government institutions.

Other management activities are activities associated with managing a residential home and are made in the residential home owner’s will and ability to pay. These include a residential home improvement and developing the necessary measures to that end the long-term plan for the activities.

Performances in the compulsory part of the following work:

House tied a piece of land:

  • Street and sidewalk cleaning,
  • Entrance and the track (asphalt) cleaning,
  • Pedestrian (soil) for cleaning,
  • Waste container cleaning area,
  • Lawn care,
  • Lawn mowing,
  • Bush, tree care, trimming,
  • Children’s play area cleaning,
  • Bin emptying and maintenance.

Common areas:

  • Staircase sweep,
  • Stair cleaning,
  • Stair wet cleaning,
  • Communal corridors washing,
  • Stair railings washing,
  • Stairwell ceiling cleaning,
  • Stairwell wall washing,
  • The lift car wash,
  • Waste wire cleaning and disinfection,
  • Common room window cleaning,
  • Cleaning the Basement,
  • Cleaning the Attic.

Others must be taken and attached to the land of common use areas health care services:

  • Vermin (rodents destruction),
  • Pest (to kill insects),
  • Bulky waste collection,
  • Leaf and branch removal,
  • Input nodes roof cleaning,
  • Icicles and snow from the roof,
  • National flag hoisting,
  • Residential home maintenance and repairs.

Water supply and sewerage system:

  • The system will provide continuous,
  • Tracking system (meters, valves, filters, cesspools, pumps, insulation), Survey Design and Conservation Act,
  • System equipment cleaning and adjustment,
  • Total meter reading and the reading lock,
  • Separate the damaged sections and replacement of valves,
  • The restoration of post-accident,
  • Separate properties of existing equipment (meter, valve, valve, faucet, flushing cisterns) survey,
  • Flushing water pipes.

Heating system:

  • Ensuring continuous operation of the system,
  • System adjustment, from the heating season,
  • Irrigation systems and hydraulic testing,
  • Heat and water heater equipment hydraulic testing,
  • Heating systems,
  • Heat exchangers for the chemical or mechanical cleaning,
  • Valves, regulating equipment, and filter inspection and cleaning,
  • Pump and electric motor testing and regulating,
  • Direct acting regulatory inspection and adjustment,
  • Electronic regulators and testing preventive repair,
  • Kontrolmēraparatūras performance monitoring,
  • Kontrolmēraparatūras checks of,
  • Performance monitoring of heat meters,
  • Equipment and piping insulation and painting the imposition of,
  • The restoration of post-accident,
  • Replacement of faulty heating system shut,
  • The individual sections of the pipeline replacement,
  • Of meter readings regularly and fixing it in the logbook,
  • Regulatory regime for maintaining the temperature space heating and hot water supply.

Power supply system:

  • Ensuring continuous operation of the system,
  • Electrical cabinets and technical condition check and cleaning,
  • Electrical system testing,
  • Shared book reading power Reading,
  • Common areas lighting, sockets, fixtures, switches, machine, etc. test,
  • Damaged common areas lighting, sockets, fixtures, switches, machine, etc. replacement.

Home of structural elements:

  • Common areas of windows, doors and ventilation hatch inspection,
  • Home curbs and drainage system inspection and cleaning,
  • Engineering home inspection and cleaning of wells,
  • Rainwater sewer inspection and cleaning,
  • Roof, foundation, attic, basement, stairwells and waste wire structural elements (walls, ceilings, floors, ceilings, waterproofing, insulation) survey,
  • Facades, balconies, loggias and awnings for inspection,
  • Chimneys and ventilation shafts inspection and cleaning,
  • Ventilation wire mesh roof and painting,
  • Pipeline inspection and painting,
  • Ordinary repairs of structural parts,
  • Fire protection system maintenance, inspection and technical inspection activities,
  • Estimated deferred charges current repair works (work name),
  • Emergency services.

Home Management Services

Financial Accounting:

  • Payment estimates,
  • Apartment property owners billing records,
  • Apartment property owners making payments,
  • Apartment property owners of changes in fees for services,
  • Payments to service providers,
  • Tax report compilation,
  • Preparation of annual reports,
  • Property maintenance planned and actual expenditure report compilation,
  • Repair work estimation,
  • Home renovation accumulating assets,
  • Financial and accounting records Save paper and electronic format.

Legal services:

  • Agreements with service providers and suppliers,
  • Agreements with property owners,
  • Debt collection (legal document preparation, representation in court, work with debtors, etc.).,
  • Preparation of legal documents (complaints, claims, contracts, agreements, correspondence with state and local government institutions, protocols, etc.).,
  • Representation in business relationships (meetings with business partners, business advice on contract terms, contract management control, etc.).,
  • Preservation of legal documents.

Records Management:

  • Home Preservation of documentation,
  • Preparation and issue of,
  • Home general meeting of apartment owners and survey organization,
  • Application submission to the population, recording and answering,
  • Filing of documents preservation of paper and electronic format.

Manager administrative expenses

  • Administrative Building Maintenance,
  • Postal and telecommunications services,
  • Information Technology Services.