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Citizens’ ability to pay is not great

Akermanis was informed that, according to data compiled by the spring of 37 million debt in the big cities up 28.2 million. These amounts consist mainly of apartment owners for the debts received heat.

After LSUA designated representative, district heating companies are well aware that heating bills are high compared to the solvency of the population, but not impossible situation in which customers receive a product and on nenorēķinās.

«Siltumuzņēmumi in a sense the hostage situation is because heat up the price based on fuel costs. For those companies that use gas, about 80% of heat up the price of fuel costs, and woodchip which case it is 70%. Siltumuzņēmumiem timely received, must be settled on the fuel and the JSC “Latvian Gas” and woodchip suppliers, otherwise the heat will not be any, “ruled Akermanis.

He admitted that the summer is usually deldējas debts, however, annual installments during the formation of a shortfall, the total amount will not significantly lower.

Public not to participate in solving problems

As Akermanis said, the authorities this year, slowly and reluctantly begins to see that siltumparādu problem is large and the country would not address the problem consistently. “It’s the old debts and debts of the last season, and are not seriously addressed none of these problems,” said the representative of the Association.

After assessment of the association, fraudsters are different. Are disadvantaged, who need government support, but many apartment owners do not pay for heat for various other reasons.

Referring to polls, Akermanis said that visdisciplinētāk apartment owners paid for bank bills, followed by electricity, Internet, Phone. These non-payment services quickly and easily cut off, while heat and water can be released only to the whole house as a whole, because the heat bills are 5th-6th place. As a result, heat bills to pay, either conscious neighbors or building administrator covered by the building management fees.

The court – long, inefficient, banks do not pay your bills

“House managers, these debts would be recovered through the court, but here, roll the stone of our justice system: public debt recovery is slow, inefficient and costly. Often is that the court takes six months or a year, but the result of legal costs is greater than the debt or even worse – the bailiff sends a letter to the debt recovery is not possible. Dead time and money. Therefore, our communal justice legislation requires significant improvements, “said association.

After Ackerman said the biggest headache and provide the apartments, which are encumbered by mortgage debt. Although the number and size of their share is not large, it is that apartments make up the majority of the debt, as long as they are not paid the heating cost. For example, in Cesis house managers have encountered, these apartments are less than 3% of the area, but their debts to more than 30% of the total debt.

“Banks” fat years “gave the insane mortgage loans for purchase of apartments, which long ago not to the real value of our housing market. As a result, many people in these apartments have lost, they moved the banking subsidiaries. But utilities often long overdue is not paid, and while the bank did not enter the land the apartments, and are not paid. Therefore, at this stage is most relevant in the debt problem, and it is not easy to find a solution, “Akermanis evaluated.

Bank does not recognize my oily timing errors

He pointed out that the various committees and working groups, discussions are on-going one and a half years, but now, agreement has been reached with commercial banks. In his opinion, the bank’s “very unwilling to admit their mistakes and pay for them.”

Akermanis once recalled entering the Parliament’s proposal that 10% of the housing sales price goes to utility debts. Turn earlier this year siltumuzņēmumi proposed to apply the principles of the old Soviet era, which now also applies to vehicles that is not possible to re-register the car, if not paid all penalties. Companies led to a similar principle in relation to housing, thereby preventing their sale if not paid in municipal bonds, whether they are paid by the purchaser or seller. In this case, the law should be fixed by the Land Registry that the judge, seeing the debt, unreported changes in the land. However, these proposals rejected by the bank.

The final bank offer, which opened the debate, provides that the bank in part by municipal bonds, but still must agree on how much of this might be. Akermanis still could not say how much would be satisfactory to both parties.

“Clearly, the solution must be found. Can not be that siltumnieki pay, but the bank says that he gave great credit, so now do not pay. Losses do not like any party, but it can happen that will not go away with no-one years since the problem is neglected, “Akermanis said. He also pointed out that the old debts can not simply be written off. In his opinion, they are so enormous, that might require a different solution.
The Association welcomes the changes developed by the Ministry of Economy Management of Residential Housing Act, which put building managers to reinforce the fight against debtors. This proposal has already been transmitted to parliamentary commissions.

According to Akermanis, the summer should continue to work on proposals for the resumption of parliamentary work, they should be “on the table.”